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Travelling in a Post Covid Era!

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”

The world is resuming its normalcy, step by step! Slowly but surely….

Things may not be the same again and there are situations which one needs to bear in mind for your travels.

Vaccination is the way forward

A few countries may not have a mandate for being vaccinated, but largely most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Cruises would most certainly observe this criterion.

You will need the vaccinated certificate maybe a digitalized one to enter in.

RT PCR tests are trending!

You will need multiple tests at all entry/ exit points. The tests more often than not will be at your own expense.

Most countries will require a negative test before you arrive, even if you’re vaccinated. 48-72 hours is a mandate. Please remember to add these in your travel budget.

A Covid Inventory List
A thumb rule – Multiple masks, sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, basic medicines, should be a mandate without fail in your travel backpack.

Be Mindful Of What You Touch
Covid appropriate behaviour and being mindful of everything you touch in public spaces is non-negotiable.

Country hopping may not be possible

If you’re wanting to plan a multi-country trip for your holidays, think again!

Some countries are open for visitors regardless of where they are coming from, most countries will be extremely cautious about your travel history.

Be extremely particular, read the fine print and then plan your entry-exit as per the countries regulations.

Expect the unexpected!

Most countries are still under a lockdown and opening up slowly. Curfews post-sunset, liquor shops being closed, beaches not operational, restaurant restrictions. Sightseeings, buses and trains are mostly operating at limited capacity, check the details beforehand and make prior reservations so you don’t face disappointments. You need to be well prepared and read up the rules before you get there so you don’t have any last-minute surprises to spoil your holiday plans.

Do not take Travel health insurance lightly!

 Travel is not as easy as before. It is highly unpredictable and volatile. Apart from being mandatory now for flights. It is always better to carry an umbrella with you for unannounced rain.

Please ensure you carry insurance which has covid cover included.

Strike a Note!

Most hotels have been shut for a long time now. They may not be in the same condition as before. Remember to try and go with brands, and check on their sanitation policies and what is the occupancy percentage they are following. Also, remember to check if in house restaurants are operational and what is the breakfast policy. Try and avoid buffets and stick with ala carte meals.

This is actually a perfect opportunity to visit your bucket list destinations as they will not be very crowded and hotels are priced decently.

Don’t plan too much, concentrate on slow travel! It is significantly more complicated right now, and if anything else we have all learnt to slow down and enjoy the coffee one sip at a time rather than gulping it down!

Savour life, each day at it unfolds!

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