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What does a Travel Curator do?

Just as you need a professional to handle your fashion or medical requirements. Likewise, you need a specialist to handle your travel requirements, which is tailor-made exclusively for you. Especially now, 2021 onwards.  As a travel curator, we have our pulse on travel with so many travel restrictions and protocols in place keeping in mind the hygiene factors. A travel specialist is the way forward! 

We study destinations, activities, hotels just like any other professional. We spend our time and money visiting destinations, inspecting hotels to understand which hotel will fit the need of our travellers, the activities and sights have been experienced by us before we suggest them to you. We curate itineraries as per your specifications and inclinations. We do not provide “one shoe fits all” type of travel solutions instead we design travels as per what “YOU’ want, keeping your interest in mind.

When you have never been to a country or city before, it can be tough to know what to expect. Of course, you can google it all up and get an overdose of information, but how much of it is true and how much time would spend going thru it all! The internet is all about hyperbole, stale news and fake reviews, which can be confusing for you to know what is the truth and what isn’t.

Personalization is the name of the game. We know you by your first name, what your family enjoys, your likes, your dietary preferences, your travel style, You are just not another phone number for us, but you are our priority. You are not a sale for us but a long term relationship that we cherish!

Whether it’s experiencing the northern lights in Canada, zip-lining over the river in South Africa, taking your child to meet the real Santa Claus,  taking a belly dance lesson in Morocco, enjoying mushroom picking in Finland,  watching a solar eclipse in Antarctica, From hard to get dinner reservations, to the best ski resort with no rooms available, to a packed scuba diving session, to that amazing sold-out safari lodge in Africa, to sold-out tickets at the Opera,  Whatever experience you are looking for Our connections have been built over the years and “experiential” travel is our forte. Creating these for you is what we thrive on! We have information on the latest travel trends and activities and can curate your itinerary with experiences that you would cherish for a long long time!

Booking your vacay online can incur a lot of hidden costs on fees, fares and bank charges without you realizing it. We are always transparent with an all-inclusive cost and inclusions. You benefit from our connections. As a brand, we have access to brilliant relations with hotels and service providers locally. Wherein you get access to the negotiated rates we have access to including value ads like upgrades and meal credits etc. It is important to remember that these advantages are not just for luxury travellers. Good travel advisors do not just know what the best hotel is, they know what the best hotel is for you and your budget and can help you find the right fit. 

As the old saying goes “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” –  so if and when something goes wrong, we’re there for you. We like to ensure that there is little to no room for error. But things can happen that are out of our control – missed connections, flight delays, natural disasters etc. While all other travellers are waiting in line to rebook or sitting on hold with a call centre trying to find out their options, you can just get in touch with us immediately and sit back with your coffee while we take care of you!

What do you gain when you deal with us?

You save your most precious  – “Time” – Time is at a premium these days. You are already juggling between a career, family, and social obligations, do you really have the time to research your destination? Why not save that time and assign the duties to a professional.  No matter your travel style is, free and easy or planned to the T, we as an advisor can assist in saving your time and money and making it a memorable experience.

We take the effort to gain first-hand experience before selling it to you. The kind of places you’d like to go to, the hotels you’d like to visit the food you’d like to savour. We handpick and design the programmes as per you, we handle everything for you which saves time on your research and help you save money.

De-stress in the truest sense  – on your vacay and the process starts while you start the planning. You get to deal with real people who care and not someone who is just doing his job like a robot or write into a chatbot. You get to talk to us who understands what you want and is available 24×7 and not just an IVR directing you from one desk to another.

Accurate choices  –  Due to our extensive research and personal visits to hotels, we know the locations and safety aspects of the hotel, we will ensure the neighbourhood is safe and central or in the business district that suits your travel requirement.

You are covered  – We have your back, should an emergency occur during your holiday. Natural disasters, Covid issues and extreme weather can come up unexpectedly and leave travellers stranded. It is our duty to get you back home safe as soon as possible. No one wants to focus on negative things, but you are sorted in the head if you do know you are covered.

You Actually SAVE – It is a huge misconception that travel agents are more expensive than online aggregators. Sure they play on volumes but they do not protect and personalize the way we do. We actually have access to special deals, credits, upgrade offers that online sites do not have. We are paid our commissions through the hotels. We work to build trust and have repeat business, which means our vendor choices are carefully vetted over the years with multiple positive experiences. So you are saving your money, time and energy and still benefitting!

We hope this brief has actually been beneficial for you to understand how we work. We are waiting for your call to plan your next holiday!

Till then Be Safe!

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