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Travel – The Most Valueable Teacher

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!!

Travel is undoubtedly the most valuable teacher for anyone.

It is an experience to watch people from diverse ethnicities at the Airport, Bus Stand, Train Station, or any mode of transport. Each in a world of their own, each in their frame of mind, someone could be reuniting with family, someone could be grieving the loss of a loved one, another could be on a mission to explore the world, while someone could be on work mode! Families, Single travelers, Business Travellers, it’s a diverse world out there!

One thing we always forget amidst the chaos is to Stop! Look! Learn! Enjoy! Cherish! This experience called TRAVEL!

Enjoy the ride of our travels, the small things of life which we take for granted Or have no time to stop and stare!

Stop and Stare!!  May I say with our eyes and not our extended body parts!  The Gadgets ! Keep them away! Go Retro!

Admire  nature with our eyes and not the lens!

Smile for our loved ones and not the camera!

Enjoy food with our real friends and not for our virtual friends on Instagram! 

Hold hands of our loved ones instead of holding the camera in our hands!

Coming back to one of our greatest teaches! Travel J

Its amazing to look out of the window and see the marvels of nature,

Even more amazing is to talk to locals and people around the world, broaden your horizons, learn about different cultures and what makes them!

For foodies, it’s a plethora of options to savor and get those senses going!

Once you’re addicted to travel and learning! Trust me there’s no going back! It’s like you’ve tasted blood!

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