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Pondering Moments

Never stop learning, cos Life never stops Teaching

Travel has taught me a lot! It has taught me so much that I am greedy to learn more.

Some of the lessons I already knew, some are silly, some are serious, some are obvious, and some are awkward.

  • Just like traveling, Life is about the journey, not the destination. Make it memorable!
  • Sometimes it’s important to relax and detach. Remove that plug of attachments to work, phone, social media, stress and live freely! Feel the freedom of living it up!
  • As a traveler, I get to savor many different cuisines and beverages, which is a delight! Learning about different cultures through food stories is so gratifying! To get those taste buds tingling, to relish different cuisines, spices, aromas, the aftertastes, listening to the different versions and fables that follow…. is enriching! 
  • Life is short; it’s more important to be satisfied and happy than rich and powerful. Sums it up!
  • Don’t listen to people who tell you how to live life. We are adults, with our own firm mindsets, we know what we want, we must not live under the pressure of people telling us what is right n what is not… they are not living in our shoes to judge and show us the way ahead!
  • Always talk to taxi drivers; they are the keepers of great knowledge! They know nooks and corners of hidden gems that online guides and books do not tell us.
  • Travel makes us stronger people &better prepared for the ups and downs of life. Travel brings in patience to handle difficult situations. With delayed flights, baggage lost issues and a million others, I tend to learn to be calmer and adaptable to handle any unexpected situations that life may throw at me.   
  • The best moments happen when you least expect them. Seen pictures of a destination but didn’t expect it to be as serene in reality…. The sunrise picture looks serene but experiencing it for real brings in the hope and positivity of a new day, a new experience, one which will last much longer than the image seen online. The vibe of a destination or an activity is the real deal! It is something we are not expecting. The vibe of a destination or an activity is what we do not expect, we do not anticipate the impact it will have upon us. Such is life! Do not expect from people, and that is when, the smallest gesture they do bring us immense happiness and contentment!

  • Sunsets are magical in every part of the globel!! No matter how many you see, never stop appreciating sunsets.

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