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Why Boutique Stays are a good option

“Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler”

Escape the city life, liberate yourself from the mundane, and rescue those senses to a habitat that is serene and spellbinding.

Traverse thru the narrow roads and offbeat locales. Somewhere, you have never been before. A place that excites your mind, offers unique activities, and a stay that is contrasting to your conventional hotel stays.

The bounteous advantages will surely lure you into experimenting and then you are sure to get hooked.

How nice is it to stay with a local family and interact with them. Get to know the local customs and their daily lifestyle. Acquire information on non-touristy locales and offbeat activities that can be experienced. The hosts know the places around town which they can guide you to and will be an experience of a lifetime. A homestay or a boutique home run accommodation is a great way to experience Indian cultures and traditions. You are free to enjoy your stay doing nothing, savoring the ambiance of a homestay, if you would like to experience Indian traditions and know stories about the culture, there can’t be a better way to learn more about the myriad traditions and folklores.  A native will be more informative in providing you the right spots you need to visit as per your areas of interest, bypassing the touristy and commercial hot spots, in turn saving your time and giving you exactly what you want from your vacay. If you are travelling with children, Boutique Resorts Or Homestays provide the extra care and attention a child would need, also giving them the freedom to experience an ambiance similar to home.

You have not experienced a city until you have not eaten locally! Go local on the food, let those taste buds burst with flavors of the region. It doesn’t get more authentic than this! India has a disparate and distinct palate in every region. The south is more rice and coconut dominant. The North comes with its rich food heritage-based more on cream and butter. East concentration is on bamboo shoots, local chilies, and mustard oil. The west is again separated between Rajasthani, Goan, Maharashtrian, and Gujarati food, which is contrasting and diverse. To savor such a wide variety in one go is impossible. By choosing your accommodation for a more cozy option, you do get the benefit of experiencing authentic cuisines to that region, and also you will be catered to more specific dietary options as well. Most importantly, the food is cooked with utmost hygiene, the freshest of ingredients, and utmost love, which makes it absolutely irresistible and delectable. 

Whether you are a single female traveler, a business traveler or a family, Homestays and Boutique resorts are a great option, you have someone to take care of you and your emotional wellbeing and safety. You have a family around that cares for you like your own. The love, warmth, and camaraderie shared cannot be compared to a commercial hotel. It also gives you the opportunity to understand the cultures and local customs. 

Exploring the local surroundings and not being a typical tourist, immersing in the local ambiance, and experiencing is what travel is all about. 

Stay in a hotel is a different experience and can be super luxurious as well…. but soaking up the local environs is what makes a trip extraordinary and meaningful. Boutique style accommodation option is something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime…. You might just get addicted to awesomeness! 

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