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Simplify Your Life!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you will never manage to live up to your own high standards? I used to feel it often, until I let go…… I let go of wanting to prove to myself and the world…..

All of us have had the experience of being impatient because we couldn’t learn something fast enough. & then left it midway…. Cos we lost out on patience! We try to do everything at once, and end up creating unreasonable expectations for ourselves that we can’t possibly meet. Real transformation happens in small steps. Baby steps it is!

If something isn’t worth doing perfectly, it’s not worth doing at all – right? Well, let me enlighten you…. The answer is NO!  As a Lazy Genius, you can value progress for its own sake. Some improvement is better than none, and if you are passionate about doing something, then it is better to do it than abandon it completely.

Why not ask yourself the Magic Question: “What can I do NOW to make life easier later?”  You can defuse stressful situations with a little planning. 

A great way to prepare for pressure points in the day is to establish some routines. If starting the day calmly is important to you, you could adopt a routine of getting up before everyone else and enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee before the rush hour begins. That would give you a headstart to the day your way and a serene ambiance to get the day in order exactly the way you want it….

Taking small actions to make life easier in the long run and setting up helpful routines can transform your days. It will give you the domino effect…… lined up to set off a positive chain reaction.

Perfectionists often use self-development strategies as yet another stick to beat themselves with. But the thing is, you’re not some self-improvement project. You’re a person, a human being…. Precious just the way you are!  So how about showing yourself some open-hearted kindness.

The key is to become our own best friends – and then allow other people in!

Till then take care and be safe! Cheerio!

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