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Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.

Another day, another alarm, another routine to follow, as I lay on my bed, wishing for an escape! From the humdrum of daily life… from the same faces, the fictitious social media life, dreariness of attending office or college, everyone’s running a race, to be ahead of the other!

Somewhere, we have lost ourselves and we have forgotten how to have fun offline! Digital Detox the latest term to have been coined! The new way GenX finds themselves!

Go someplace that has no network, leave that extended organ called Phone aside!

Hold the soft hands of your loved ones and not the plastic phone!!

Look into the eyes of your lover and not into the laptop screen.

Hear the childlike happy laughter instead of mundane ringtones!

Immerse yourself in music, read that long pending book lying on the hammock breathing fresh air away from the city limits…

Rekindle that hobby you have put on the back burner for months on end….

Do it for no one else, but YOU! Re-connect with the old YOU!

On this note, we launch our No Network Holidays, buzz us for more information on destinations.

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