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Bali High

I look my best when I’m totally free, on a holiday, walking on the beach.

You know how it’s like when you want to escape from your base and find a miraculous space that would take you in the direction of bliss, fill your life with some fantastic experiences and also fit in your budget!

 If your answer is Yes! Then BALI it is for you.. a fabulous luxury must do destination!!!

Ultimate tropical island paradise…. Where You get an array of beaches, lush terraced rice fields, gorgeous sunsets, incredible nature, delectable dining, lively bars (with cheap alcohol), stunning temples, super shopping deals, funky nightlife and fanciful  accommodation options. Bali is rife with variety !

Bali is a visa on arrival destination! The visa costs about USD35 and is averagely quick and seamless to obtain one without any documentation. . You can only pay with cash at the visa counters, euro’s and Indonesian rupiahs are accepted as well as US$. It is possible to withdraw cash inside the airport, but the withdrawal line can get long, so it is recommended to bring some cash.

The first thing that settles you in Bali are the people.. very warm and friendly. They make you comfortable instantly with their smiles.

Bali is an island that has a lot for everyone in terms of accommodation no matter what your taste or budget! Each area caters to different preferences. Bali has a lot of Villas on offer with private plunge pools and the works! Starting from a one bedroom to ten bedroom villas. Choices are vast. You also have the standard resorts and hotels which are wonderful as well!

Seminyak tops the choices of areas, Popular for its upmarket, boutique vibe, cutting-edge eateries, designer shops and an expansive beach lined with impressive beach bars. 

A striking contrast to the beachy areas is the hills of Ubud. Ultimate Relaxation and extremely serene. Ubud is the perfect spot for those wanting to get away from it all. Days can be filled with yoga, holistic spa treatments and long walks through the rice terraces and Bali’s infamous sacred monkey forest.

Kuta coming in third is the bustling party hub of Bali. Eclectic bars, Buzzing Discos, Relaxing massage parlors, if partying the night away is your agenda then Kuta is the place for you to stay.

Nusa Dua definitely the most famous of the lot, pristine beaches, white sands, magnificent resorts, family fun, carousing night life is all here.

Bali has an abundance of water based activities, the balmy waters surrounding the island are renowned for surfing, diving and snorkeling, spending time in them is a must J

In Bali, your days are not limited to just lounging around at the beach! Theres plenty to see and do around! You could experience the unique Balinese Culture, Indulge in the famous Balinese massages at the numerous spas all over, visit the many exotic Hindu Temples around, witness traditional dances, get the adrenaline rush by rafting and tons of other adventure sports to set your heart pumping,  go volacano climbing, The Nusa Dua Theater features huge traditional puppets and spectacular hi-tech special effects, these are some recommendations for your list of things to do!

Evenings can be enjoyed at one of the many beach bars watching the spectacular sunset, sipping cocktails and lounging late into the night with trendy music. Among the best are; Ku De Ta, Potatohead Beach Club, The Rock Bar, Sky Gaden for hard core clubbing and La Plancha, our personal recommendations.  Bali also has frontline culinary options. Right from street food to al fresco cafes on the beach to hi end fine dining. Bali has it all – The Surprise factor.. It’s unbelievably cheap!

Shopping in Bali is a steal! You will find lots of stuff at fraction of a cost as compared to many other destinations.  Tip: Carry a spare bag for all your shopping.. your gonna bless me for it!

And for now, just so you know, there can be no other Bali.

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