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Sand on my feet and salt in my hair kinda place to be….

Dawdling on the hammock, sipping my martini and staring aimlessly appreciating the emerald ocean. I can only smile and ponder “ Dolce Far Niente”

Pristine, soft white sand beaches to soak your feet in, with never-ending views of the placid ocean and tranquillizing sound of the waves – You have to feel the Maldives not just visit it!

A destination that is synonymous with Barefoot Luxury. Let time pause while you immerse in the serenity of waves.

The Maldives is an Island Nation comprised of over 1192 islands. Out of which only 200 are inhabited. And a little 132 resorts are located in the different atolls of the Republic of Maldives.

Now imagine choosing a resort to maximize your experience in this gorgeous nation of the world’s most delicate corals. What a Task I’d say! It can be extremely baffling for someone who has never been before to choose the perfect resort from the wide range of options of activities and budgets to cater to. Whether your inclination is surfing, water sports, diving, keeping the kids occupied so you have loads of “me” time or just lazing with the world’s choices of cuisines to relish, there is something for everyone.

Maldivian holiday concept is one island one resort. Island hopping is possible by visiting multiple resorts as well, but you need to get to mainland Male to be able to change your resort if you want to experience long stays or multiple resorts during your travel. Which does take up more than half a day or more of your travel time.  

Seaplane is another experience which is unique to the island nation and is highly recommended purely for the experience and views. As are the water villas synonymous with Maldives.  Although if you are a water baby like me, then I highly recommend the water villas with a private pool to go with it for some smashing views which will be etched in your memoir for a long long time.

Choosing from ostentatious to subtle luxury to stripping to the basics, there is a resort for every choice.

You can choose to do it all or nothing at all…. From sunset champagne sailings to dolphin cruises, pumping up the adrenaline with water sports, manta ray diving, sandbank picnics, yoga at sunrise, sunset canapes’, cinema under the stars, wellness therapies, and lots more.

You will come across a concept called “All Inclusive” while you are researching Maldivian Resorts, that’s simply put, all three meals with liquor n soft drinks. Each resort has a different policy pertaining to liquor and the brands served are different too. Some resorts even have Premium All Inclusive which has some extra additions to their inclusion list.

Doing a thorough study of the list and then choosing your resort as per your preferences is actually the correct way to choose your Maldivian Resort since that’s where you will be spending all your time and there is no escape from it!

While the Maldives may be termed as one of the top Romantic Destinations in the world, it is a lot more than just a destination for honeymooners or couples to enjoy their time out from the real world to this slice of heaven. There is also loads to do for families, great bonding opportunities for multi-generational travel, fabulous fun for bachelorettes, and a paradise for kids with a plethora of activities planned for them by each resort.

Another not-so-popular but very exotic experience would be a visit to the Sandbanks. A few resorts offer some striking activities which are unique and would elevate your Maldivian holiday to another level. From overnight Camping to staying in a transparent bubble, or exploring the shallow reefs, to a Picnic luncheon, or might you even add an exclusive proposal on the sandbank!!!

So, this is the Maldives in a gist, if you are looking for any of the above and want to spend an amazing time with your loved ones, this is the place to be! You should shut this window and book your tickets NOW!


  • Siddharth

    I could visualise while reading your blog. So well written.

    August 16, 2022 at 2:02 pm

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