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Group Tours

Group Tours ------ Our small group and family group departures are our specialty, with personalized services and minute detailing. Travelling with us also means you’ll stay under the radar, travelling the local way, eating the local way and sleeping the local way. So you’ll get as close to real life as possible (without actually moving in). You’ll have the experience of unmatched services while you open up into a world you’re waiting to discover. And with extensive options of group departures you are bound to find something that's just right for you.

Group Tours

  • Business Travel +

    Our professional  team is equipped with the knowledge and technology to manage all of your business travel needs.
  • Expert Advice +

    Consult our expert Travel counselor’s to help you with your business travel and ensure you don’t end up paying more.  They will help you with travel requirements & resources and try to get you the best.
  • Expense Management Reports +

    Understanding your travel expenses is key to reducing costs. Monthly reporting is available, making the data in reports meaningful. Reconciliation reports easily connect your travel accounting.
  • Flights +

    For international or domestic, Our agents work to get the lowest fares and the best itineraries to meet your needs 24x7.
  • Hotels +

    At the end of a work day, rest in comfort knowing that your hotel room has been booked at the lowest corporate rates available. We can also block rooms for meetings or conferences.
  • Consolidated billing +

    Get rid of booking your official travel on your personal credit cards or cash and maintain the consolidated billing. This helps you keep a tab on travel cost, less paperwork, less human resource and substantial credit period.
  • Car Rentals +

    Benefit from discounted corporate rates negotiated with leading rental companies.
  • 24/7 Emergency Ticketing Services +

    Emergencies happen. Travel knowing that our 24/7 service is available to help you and your employees. (Additional fees apply)
  • Travel Insurance +

    Protect your travel investments by purchasing travel insurance. CTS agents can advise the coverage that best fits your needs.
  • Visa Facilitation +

    Our Travel counselors will help you with the latest and updated Visa resources and first hand information and assist you to apply your cases.
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