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A Slice of Paradise - Pangot

Travelling is moving so low on my radar, I am getting worried.

Our last trip was to Pangot, a beautiful hamlet in the Kumaon hills, Situated in the midst of beautiful high rise hills , 15 km from Nainital . Pangot is the right place for nature-lovers, bird-watchers and people who like the peaceful life ! It’s a 15 kilometers from Nainital at an altutide of 6500 meters. A scenic drive, occasional clouds encasing the roads and the desolate hills, it’s a stark contrast from the buzzing Nainital. It’s a small town having typical village houses of the Kumaon region, a beautiful village temple, a village post-office and population of around hundred people !! Yes, you read that right  !!!

Almost 150 bird species have been recorded at Pangot and surrounding areas. You almost immediately fall in love with the tranquility of the place !!

We stayed at the Jungelore Birding Lodge. There are other resorts too, althou this ones the most expensive, but the most comfortable too. A beautiful and warm retreat. The interiors are wooden and really snug. The Dining area specially is exquisite and cozy, you just wanna spend your time sitting outdoors and watching the world go by and enjoy the beauty of nature and the birds chirping next to you ! The home cooked meals are nothing fancy or elaborate but simply comforting.

They also have an in house naturalist and she’s a delight to spend time with and know more about nature and her experiences over the years ! The views of the Himalyan range are breathtaking !

There’s absolutely nothing to do in the quaint little town, except take a walk and meet a few locals. Go for a birding treks in the morning, they have different trails depending on how much you want to walk. The weather changes at the drop of a hat and its pretty exciting to see the clouds coming in from a distance and getting closer to you slowly and giving a cold hug right into your patio !

We did go for an early morning trek to view the birds and did come across a few of them, but it was quite a disappointment as one has to be extremely early, as the birds disappear by 0730 latest !

Apparently, it was raining cats and dogs on our second day… and there are times when it starts raining it doesn’t stop for days on end. Thankfully we left the next day in spite of the heavy rains, we really didn’t want to be stranded there with kids in the freezing cold ! Imagine it being freezing cold in the midst of summers !!

Althou, we were pretty close to Nainital we decided to miss it, didn’t want to mess around in our heads with the traffic and tourists after the composed state of minds we were in post Pangot.

Loved the place and would surely want to go back soon with my pals play some truth and dare to make it a really memorable holiday !